Tips for Bodybuilding Workouts 2020 – Just a Tips

#1 – Never Replace Food with Supplementation – Supplementation is already what its name says: just a supplement, a dietary supplement. It never substitutes for meals. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can “live on supplements”.


It’s always more interesting to get everything you need right from the source. For example, getting quality carbs and calories from pasta like whole-grain pasta, instead of making use of a high calorie one. When your body is ingesting quality nutrients, you have more energy to destroy in bodybuilding workouts.

# 2- Cut poor quality foods from your diet

When you eat the famous bullshit there is great immediate pleasure on your palate. But that’s it, the benefits end there.

In the next few hours your digestion will be poor, your energy and disposition will be lower, in addition to having bad nutrients in your body and, therefore, you will be “badly nourished”. This reflects directly at the time of training – in your physical capacity and also in the results achieved.

# 3- Always get a good night’s sleep

This tip is very simple: just sleep like a bear!

Jokes aside, there are people who naturally sleep less and others more. You probably already know the average you need to sleep daily to feel rested. So, be it 8 hours a day or more, get the rest you need, because having a good night’s sleep is essential to have better results in weight training.

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# 4- If necessary, supplement with vitamins and minerals

If you want to get results and you don’t have much time, you will need a little push to be more efficient in weight training.

Although it is vital to maintain a good diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is not always possible to ingest all the necessary nutrients. This takes time and, knowing that the daily routine is very busy, investing in supplementation as a complement is a good option.

# 5- Caprice in the execution of the movements

It is no use doing certain exercises just out of obligation and ending their execution. This will not bring you results and it can also cause muscle, joint or tendon and ligament injuries.

So, if you really want to destroy bodybuilding workouts, take it very seriously: do the correct and perfect execution of the movements for each exercise.

# 6- Develop the maximum range of motion

Many people use gigantic loads and move a few centimeters, without developing the necessary amplitude to recruit many muscle fibers. This is a common mistake.

Bear in mind that the amount of cargo does not necessarily bring results. It is necessary to stimulate the largest amount of fibers so that they are damaged and later rebuilt. Therefore, always seek the maximum range of motion. This will make you destroy in training!

# 7- Train your lower limbs for real

What’s the use of having that incredible breastplate and having the famous thrush legs? Everyone will look at you with astonishment and irony.

The legs carry us and take us wherever we go. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the lower limbs and train for real. Don’t be lazy, just train hard and destroy!

# 8- Invest in exercises that increase testosterone and HGH levels

Higher testosterone levels increase physical capacity and results. Therefore, those who destroy in training also do these exercises.

Check out some of them:

  • Train with high intensity (this increases GH);
  • Practice compound exercises;
  • Free squat;
  • Dead lift;
  • Surveys in general;
  • Fixed bar.
  • And others.

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