Ingredients That Ensure Weight Loss With Healthy Smoothies

Many of the typical ingredients used in healthy smoothies can contribute to a healthy weight, but some are better than others. Certain ingredients can cause weight loss in various ways.

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Ingredient # 1: Avocado


Avocados are often used to make the smoothies thicker or creamier. But did you know that this fruit can also contribute to weight loss? It contains a lot of healthy fats , keeping you feeling full until your next meal, while consuming a variety of health-promoting vitamins and minerals.

Ingredient # 2: Berries

Any berry (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc.) adds a lot of flavor to a smoothie, without adding a lot of calories or sugar. In addition, they are high in fiber , which keeps you feeling ‘full’, as well as antioxidants, which are good for your overall health.

Ingredient # 3: Cayenne pepper

This spice not only gives something extra to your smoothie, but also encourages weight loss. The reason for this is that it contains a substance called capsaicin . Research results show that by adding this herb to your breakfast, you consume fewer fats and carbohydrates later in the day. Cayenne pepper therefore reduces your appetite.

Ingredient # 4: Chia seeds

Chia seeds are packed with fiber and proteins that help you feel full and full. In addition, they contain various healthy nutrients, such as calcium , antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, they ensure that toxins are removed from your digestive tract.

One option is to make chia seed gel . This is easier to digest and makes your smoothie creamier. To make chia seed gel, combine equal parts chia seed and water in a small container and leave it for 5-10 minutes so that it can turn into gel. You can store the gel in your refrigerator for up to a month.

Ingredient # 5: Cinnamon

This popular herb helps regulate blood sugar levels by improving glucose metabolism . This reduces the amount of excess blood glucose that can be stored as fat. Belly fat in particular is very sensitive to the effects of cinnamon.

Ingredient # 6: Coconut oil

Getting enough healthy fats is necessary for weight loss and to achieve optimal health. The main fats in coconut oil are used by the body as energy , rather than stored as fat. This ‘superfood’ ensures that you have a saturated, energy-rich and good feeling about your smoothie.

Increase Testosterone Naturally

As men age, testosterone levels in the body naturally drop. But men between the ages of 40 and 55 already have a testosterone level that is 50% lower than when they were young adults, for various reasons.

This hormone also gives decisiveness in stress situations. It improves your mood and increases your libido. Testosterone also promotes healthy heart function.



According to the American statistics agency, 13 million men have too low testosterone levels and this causes erectile dysfunction in 70% of those men. Men (but also women with some of the symptoms) who have a low testosterone level can deduce this from the following symptoms:

Depressed and gloomy feelings
Mood swings
Loss of muscle mass
Not being able to build muscle on legs and arms
A pale face and dry eyes
Excess (belly) fat (love handles)
Bone thinning

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As said, testosterone levels in the body drop as men age. The production of this hormone begins to decline from the age of 25. This decline is slow, a few male hormones per year. But according to the Researcher, 70-year-old men have only 10-20% of testosterone levels compared to 25-year-old men.

But there are other factors that influence the drop in testosterone in the body. In the past twenty to thirty years, testosterone in men has generally decreased due to, for example:


When you are under stress and your body is (constantly) in a fight or flight mode, your body will always give priority to coping with this stress. Testosterone is not a priority, your body needs the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol at that time. That is the hormone that makes your body alert and gives you perseverance to flee or fight.

A zinc deficiency

The mineral zinc is indispensable for a healthy testosterone level in the body. Enzymes use zinc as a coenzyme to produce testosterone. In addition, the intake of zinc counteracts the action of aromatase, which indirectly affects the body’s metabolism. Even a slight shortage of this mineral can already cause a decrease in testosterone, according to various scientific studies. Studies also show that increasing zinc through diet or supplements can reverse the negative effects of a deficiency.

Too little saturated fat in food

Testosterone is made from cholesterol. Eating too little saturated fat and omega 9 therefore affects the testosterone level in the body. We hear a lot that saturated fats (from meat, eggs, etc.) are bad for us, but they do increase testosterone in the body.


In this article, we will not discuss ways to artificially increase testosterone. It is about ensuring that your testosterone level is well maintained and to prevent decrease as much as possible. An unhealthy lifestyle, so eating poorly, sleeping and not exercising enough, has a negative impact on your testosterone level.

More Zinc

To increase your testosterone level in a natural way, you eat enough foods that are rich in zinc. Such as meat (beef, chicken and turkey), shellfish (many in oysters), seeds and seeds (hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds), sprouts and nuts.

More saturated fats

Eating too little saturated fats and omega 9 has a negative influence on the testosterone level in the body. We hear a lot that saturated fats (from, for example, butter, meat and eggs) are bad for us, but they do increase testosterone in the body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D makes your body under the influence of sunlight and is an important vitamin for our health. It has a positive effect on the health of our bones, our immune system, mood and many other bodily functions. In scientific studies, vitamin D has been associated with longer life and testosterone production.

Weight Training

The best way to increase your testosterone is to train with heavy weights for up to an hour at a time. At least take the large muscle groups with you. Short (er) training with high intensity and a short rest between exercises are also called High-intensity Intermittent Exercise or HIIE, it is also referred to as High-intensity Interval Training, HIIT, High-intensity Training, HIT or Tabata training .

How Do You Make a Green Smoothie?

Drink your veggies!

The daily intake of vegetables is not about 200 grams per day, but about 5 grams. That is a considerable amount and by no means feasible for everyone. In fact, the average people doesn’t even get 2 ounces of vegetables a day. So it’s high time for some change. You do not have to change much by adding a green smoothie to your diet. This way you get more vegetables with minimal effort. To help you on your way, I explain to you in this article how to make the perfect green smoothie. Drink your veggies!

green smoothies

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This is my review of the Amazing Grass Green Superfood: plant-based, organic products including nutrition bars and green superfood powder.

Tips & Tricks –

Preferably use organic fruits and vegetables . If you do not use organic vegetables, I recommend peeling the fruit.

Experiment ! There are many sample recipes on the world wide web (and also on this site). Tastes differ however and certainly in the beginning a smoothie with relatively more vegetables than fruit takes some getting used to. So don’t be too strict for yourself in the beginning.

A blender is an indispensable device when you want to make smoothies. I use the Mixblender myself. There is a big difference with cheaper blenders: the Mixblender is ​​a powerful high-speed blender, which can make even more smooth smoothies in a shorter time. I use my Mixblender almost daily, not only for smoothies, but also for soups, sauces, batter and nut pastes. An investment that gives me a lot in this case.

Use leafy vegetables – These vegetables contain no starch and you can easily mix with fruit without fermenting. Consider, for example, spinach, lettuce, bok choy. Celery root also falls under leafy vegetables. Kale is a type of cabbage, but also great to use in your smoothie. Carrots and beets can also be used, what do you think of this smoothie made from beet and cocoa ?

Herbs and spices are a great seasoning in your smoothie. A pinch of cinnamon, some mint or basil gives your smoothie a surprising twist in terms of taste.

Take? I prefer to take my smoothies in a glass bottle. Stainless steel bottles are also very nice. Keep as cool as possible, shake before use and enjoy.

How do you make a Green Smoothie?

Firstly … choose your base

In addition to water, there are countless possibilities to make your smoothie more fluid and tastier. What do you think of almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water or (if you do use dairy) yogurt?

Next … choose your greens (

Spinach, lettuce, celery, chard or perhaps even a combination of vegetables!

Then … choose your fruit

Avocado, banana, strawberries, orange, kiwi, mango, pineapple … Tastes differ and the possibilities are endless. Avocado provides a substantial boost of fiber and good fats in your smoothie. An absolute favorite !

Now the fun part … supercharge it!

Raw cocoa powder, some coconut grater, protein powder, sunflower seeds, some maca powder, a teaspoon of chiaseeds, some cinnamon or linseed.

Tips for Bodybuilding Workouts 2020 – Just a Tips

#1 – Never Replace Food with Supplementation – Supplementation is already what its name says: just a supplement, a dietary supplement. It never substitutes for meals. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can “live on supplements”.


It’s always more interesting to get everything you need right from the source. For example, getting quality carbs and calories from pasta like whole-grain pasta, instead of making use of a high calorie one. When your body is ingesting quality nutrients, you have more energy to destroy in bodybuilding workouts.

# 2- Cut poor quality foods from your diet

When you eat the famous bullshit there is great immediate pleasure on your palate. But that’s it, the benefits end there.

In the next few hours your digestion will be poor, your energy and disposition will be lower, in addition to having bad nutrients in your body and, therefore, you will be “badly nourished”. This reflects directly at the time of training – in your physical capacity and also in the results achieved.

# 3- Always get a good night’s sleep

This tip is very simple: just sleep like a bear!

Jokes aside, there are people who naturally sleep less and others more. You probably already know the average you need to sleep daily to feel rested. So, be it 8 hours a day or more, get the rest you need, because having a good night’s sleep is essential to have better results in weight training.

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# 4- If necessary, supplement with vitamins and minerals

If you want to get results and you don’t have much time, you will need a little push to be more efficient in weight training.

Although it is vital to maintain a good diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is not always possible to ingest all the necessary nutrients. This takes time and, knowing that the daily routine is very busy, investing in supplementation as a complement is a good option.

# 5- Caprice in the execution of the movements

It is no use doing certain exercises just out of obligation and ending their execution. This will not bring you results and it can also cause muscle, joint or tendon and ligament injuries.

So, if you really want to destroy bodybuilding workouts, take it very seriously: do the correct and perfect execution of the movements for each exercise.

# 6- Develop the maximum range of motion

Many people use gigantic loads and move a few centimeters, without developing the necessary amplitude to recruit many muscle fibers. This is a common mistake.

Bear in mind that the amount of cargo does not necessarily bring results. It is necessary to stimulate the largest amount of fibers so that they are damaged and later rebuilt. Therefore, always seek the maximum range of motion. This will make you destroy in training!

# 7- Train your lower limbs for real

What’s the use of having that incredible breastplate and having the famous thrush legs? Everyone will look at you with astonishment and irony.

The legs carry us and take us wherever we go. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the lower limbs and train for real. Don’t be lazy, just train hard and destroy!

# 8- Invest in exercises that increase testosterone and HGH levels

Higher testosterone levels increase physical capacity and results. Therefore, those who destroy in training also do these exercises.

Check out some of them:

  • Train with high intensity (this increases GH);
  • Practice compound exercises;
  • Free squat;
  • Dead lift;
  • Surveys in general;
  • Fixed bar.
  • And others.

Stimulate Beard Growth and combat bare spots in Beard

Many men dream of a beautiful, full and opaque beard, but few are given by nature. What many men do not know is that there is often something to do. Hair follicles are not necessarily absent in these bald spots, but simply in the resting position. By stimulating the hair follicles the beard growth starts and you get a fuller beard without bald spots. There are various products on the market to stimulate beard growth.

What does the absence of beard growth say?

beard growth

Beards come in all shapes and sizes. Where one man has a beautiful, full, opaque beard, the other is less blessed and barely has any beard growth. It can also happen that someone can grow a good mustache but the rest of the beard does not really want to cooperate. Or that there are all kinds of holes in the beard where no hairs grow. Very annoying when you see people around you with a nice covering beard and this does not want to grow so with you. Many men still see the beard as a kind of gauge of their masculinity: a real man has a beard and if this does not work, then something is wrong. Unfairly it is sometimes thought that this has to do with too low testosterone levels.

What many people do not know is that the degree of beard growth is genetically determined. If one has little or no facial hair at a certain location, this does not mean that there are no hair follicles present from which it can grow. It often simply means that the hair follicles present there are at rest and are therefore not encouraged to grow. If you stimulate the hair follicles in the right way, you can still promote the growth of beard. By using the right means you can still create a beautiful, full beard.

Means for promoting beard growth

If you have only a moderate beard growth or bald spots in your beard, there are a number of resources that you can use to get a fuller beard. One of the most commonly used means to stimulate beard growth is ginseng extract . This agent is not only widely used in energy drinks: in concentrated form it can be applied externally to the skin to stimulate beard growth. Ginseng has been used for centuries to combat baldness. It also contains ginsenoside, which prevents moulting hair and skin irritation. Another commonly used means of promoting beard growth is angelica root ( angelica root). The extract of this plant is rich in vitamin E and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to stimulate hair growth.

Something that is disastrous for beard growth is blockage of the hair follicles. Hair is therefore not growing or very bad. Clogging of the hair follicles can be prevented by using tea tree oil or tea tree oil. This oil has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties and ensures a free flow of sebum, so that nothing stands in the way of a good development of beard hairs. A fourth agent that is often used to stimulate beard growth is polygonum multiflorum, also called Fo-Ti root.

Are you looking for a means to stimulate beard growth or to combat bald spots in the beard then it is important to look for a product that contains these ingredients. Some other active ingredients that you can find are jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, hemp oil and grape seed oil. These agents can also help to prevent beard joke and the formation of flakes under the beard.

Gynecomastia Breast Formation in Men

We call breast formation in men Gynecomastia. For men who develop quite large breasts, it is very annoying and it often arouses a feeling of shame. The causes for this breast formation can be varied. In men in puberty it can occur spontaneously. In a good number of these cases, time goes by itself again. Gynecomastia can also occur due to other medical problems in the body.

Gynecomastia can also occur after the use of anabolics. The use of steroids for muscle strengthening in the gym is unhealthy and is not recommended by us because it is dangerous for public health. Finally, there is also the group of men over 35 where the breasts get bigger over the years.

Gynecomastia – Breast Formation in Men


Male Gynecomastia or breast development can be treated with liposculpture or by surgical removal of the mammary gland in combination with liposculpture. Learn more about puffy nipples men, exercise, diet and supplement.

There are several techniques for removing male breasts and improving the appearance of the chest.

We always try to choose the technique that leaves the least scars. If the problem is mainly due to fat accumulation (pseudo-gynecomastia), then liposculpture can be used. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and will leave only a few small scars.

If breast formation is mainly due to mammary gland tissue that is much harder than fatty tissue, this cannot be treated with liposculpture. In this case an incision will be made at the bottom edge of the areola and the gland will be removed in this way. If the patient is extremely thin, then there is such a large surplus of skin that skin must also be removed, leaving an additional skin scar.

What happens During a Gynecomastia Operation?

The operation is generally done under general anesthesia. A hemisphere incision is made under the areola. The excess gland or fatty tissue is removed through this opening. A tube (drain) is then left in the wound area to allow blood and fluid to drain off temporarily.

This is removed again after approximately 12 hours. The skin is usually closed with a soluble bond. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the surrounding fat with liposuction in the glandular tissues. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this possibility with you in advance.

Risks and side effects

With every operation there is a chance of common complications such as infections, bleeding and bleeding. In addition, some specific complications are possible:

Because tissue is removed under the nipple, the nipple can retract after surgery.
Blood flow to the nipple may be compromised and scarring of the nipple may occur
The end result can be assessed after 1 year. The healing of the scars is not entirely predictable, this can vary per person.

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Lose Weight Without Leaving Your Home

Did you know that even small changes, such as getting more protein or not eating fruits at certain meals, already have a huge effect on your weight and help you lose weight without leaving your home ?

To help you understand how you can lose weight without leaving your home, I prepared today’s article with 7 tips for you to introduce into your life today. Interested in learning more? So join me right now!

weight loss tips

7 Tips To Lose Weight Without Leaving Your Home

Fruits: Not during meals!

Fruit is very healthy and necessary in all diets. It is recommended that you eat two to three fresh seasonal fruits daily so that you get enough vitamins, minerals and fiber.

But by eating a piece of fruit for dessert and you put extra pressure on the digestive system. Due to the fermentation of acids and sugars. This can cause gas and consequently leads to weight gain because it is not absorbed properly.

On the other hand, if you eat fruit mid-morning or afternoon, the effect is quite the opposite. Because it’s so tasty, you’re less in the mood for a slightly less healthy snack and candy. You can eat apples and pears during a meal, as these are considered neutral fruits.

If you want to lose weight without leaving your home , do not eat fruit after a meal, although apples may not have the opposite effect.

Eat simply without many different foods
You can make an exception when inviting people out or eating out, but a typical meal still consists of a vegetable, a grain or starch and protein.

This way, you enjoy a balanced meal in which all the nutrients are absorbed by your body. So how do we make this meal?

Vegetables: Salad, Vegetables, Cream, Soup, Apple or Pear
Cereal or starch: rice, pasta, potato, bread etc.
Proteins: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts or vegetable proteins

Protein ensures you can lose weight without leaving home

Carbohydrates are often abused in the form of sandwiches, pasta, pizza, candy, etc. Carbohydrates give you the energy to spend an entire day, but overeating and consuming too little energy convert them to reserves. This will make you fatter.

However, high protein diets are also unhealthy: because you will lose weight very quickly, your kidneys and liver are overloaded and you have a yo-yo effect.

That’s why we recommend a good portion of protein without overdoing it. Each meal should contain protein. Not only do you want to burn calories, but you also want to become thinner.

Fiber reduces a puffy feeling

Fiber is essential for the proper functioning of organs. If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea or another problem, this can lead to an upset stomach. This is why it is recommended to eat fiber-rich foods daily, preferably fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

You also need to drink plenty of water between meals to release the amount of fiber and thus lose weight without leaving your home .

Do not eat heavy meals at night

Each country has its own pace of life, which varies with the seasons. However, what you eat in the afternoon and evening tends not to burn properly.

As a result, you get fat, find it difficult to fall asleep or overload the liver. Instead, choose herbal extracts, vegetable creams, soups, semi-sweet fruits, proteins, etc. in the evening.

Not All Fats Are Equal

Did you know that a pasta makes you put on weight differently than an avocado? Stop counting calories!

Healthy fats are essential for your body to maintain its organs, skin and body oils. “Bad” fats don’t contain as many healthy nutrients, so your body will turn them into reserves.

So choose healthy fats from nuts, vegetable quality oils , fish or eggs and avoid hydrogenated fats, fried foods and meat products.

6 Brain Training Exercises To Train Your Brain

Brain training includes all brain exercises that you can do to train and develop your brain. Some people make it a real sport to continuously train and practice their brains. That is not surprising, because you can benefit a lot. Consider, for example, old people who can still get along well with society because they have a great ability to think … Many young people often say that they want to be very old, if they can think well. Good news for everyone who thinks so: you can achieve a lot with brain training or training your brain!

brain exercises

 There are 6 specific ways to train your brain and keep it in top condition. Below you will find 6 brain training exercises and tips for training your brain …

1. Look for new, Uncomfortable situations for Brain Training

The older you get, the greater the chance that you are mainly in comfortable situations. This will relax the ability of your brain. Therefore, take care of new people around you, make sure you keep traveling a lot and try to maintain many social contacts. This is a very good workout for your brain!

2. Challenging Games are excellent Brain Training

Word games such as crossword puzzles are a good way to train your brain. For optimal brain supplement or training do not do puzzles that are too easy, but push your limits by making increasingly difficult puzzles and game challenges. It also helps to play strategic games such as chess and strategic computer games.

3. Exercise and exercise regularly for healthy brains

Sports and other physical exercises bring with them the great advantage that they improve the quality of your blood vessels. This optimizes the blood supply to your brain. Your brain can therefore continue to do their job better, even as you get older. By training your general body, you train your brain directly!

4. An aspirin every day

Aspirin ensures that your blood remains thin, making it easier to flow to the small blood vessels of your brain. In this way you ensure better memory and better general functioning of your brain. Also a glass of wine per day is therefore recommended for brain training. Note: this tip only relates to brain training. Of course there are also plenty of drawbacks to painkillers and alcohol, so never take aspirin without medical grounds.

5. Eat enough omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids) act as a lubricant for your veins. There are many studies that show that these fatty acids are therefore very important for your thinking ability. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fish, but you can also buy them as a supplement . In short: do not forget to pay attention to your omega 3 intake if you want to practice and optimize your brain.

6. Deal well with stress

Try to close the past and look optimistic towards the future. Take the time for yourself and keep on dreaming. This setting is good for preventing stress , and this is good for brain training and the condition of your brain.

Brain training for optimal brains – Finally

These 6 brain training tips work best of course if you start young and make it a permanent habit. So start today with brain training exercises, and you will benefit from it for the rest of your life. Remember, moreover, that you can do a lot for your brain with healthy food and the right lifestyle! In this way, for example, you prevent the veins from silting up due to proper nutrition , which in turn prevents a loss of thinking capacity. So take care of your body so that your brain can continue to take good care of you!

Baking Soda to combat Nail Fungus

Thanks to the active ingredients it contains, vinegar is a good way to treat fungus around the nails, both internally and externally. Nail fungus, also known under the medical term as onychomycosis, is an infection caused by dermatophytes. This often occurs on hands and feet. Since your limbs often come into contact with hot and humid conditions, these micro-organisms can reproduce very well here and spread quickly. This will make your nails look unkempt and bad. In this article we will discuss how to cure nail fungus fast at home with the use of baking soda.

Common symptoms are redness, itching and peeling skin

Fortunately, there are anti-fungal agents that you can use to control infections , without having to resort to harsh chemicals. One of these products is baking soda , a natural product that is widely known in both household and medicine because of its many uses. We explain today why this product works so effectively to combat nail fungus and how to use it to see results as quickly as possible.

Why use baking soda to combat nail fungus?

Baking soda is a white powder that has been used for centuries in preparations and for cleaning work in and around the house. The antiseptic, antifungal and basic properties are well known. They can be useful in combating various infections. There are also many topical applications known for baking soda that works as a natural exfoliant and is suitable for the treatment of allergies. It also fights skin infections and contains active ingredients that reduce the presence of fungus on and under the nail.

It is also useful to know that baking soda can also be used as a natural deodorant. It neutralizes body odor and helps against excessively sweaty feet.Before we elaborate on how to use baking soda to combat nail fungus, we want to point out that the results will not be immediately visible. The product does battle with the nail fungus from the first treatment. It only takes a while before the fungus is completely removed. That is why it is important that you continue the treatment and that you carefully follow the recommendations to get rid of the problem completely.

In addition, you can strengthen the ingredients by adding apple cider vinegar, for example. This is also a fungicidal product and very healthy. Both products can probably be found in your kitchen and are very cheap.