6 Brain Training Exercises To Train Your Brain

Brain training includes all brain exercises that you can do to train and develop your brain. Some people make it a real sport to continuously train and practice their brains. That is not surprising, because you can benefit a lot. Consider, for example, old people who can still get along well with society because they have a great ability to think … Many young people often say that they want to be very old, if they can think well. Good news for everyone who thinks so: you can achieve a lot with brain training or training your brain!

brain exercises

 There are 6 specific ways to train your brain and keep it in top condition. Below you will find 6 brain training exercises and tips for training your brain …

1. Look for new, Uncomfortable situations for Brain Training

The older you get, the greater the chance that you are mainly in comfortable situations. This will relax the ability of your brain. Therefore, take care of new people around you, make sure you keep traveling a lot and try to maintain many social contacts. This is a very good workout for your brain!

2. Challenging Games are excellent Brain Training

Word games such as crossword puzzles are a good way to train your brain. For optimal brain supplement or training do not do puzzles that are too easy, but push your limits by making increasingly difficult puzzles and game challenges. It also helps to play strategic games such as chess and strategic computer games.

3. Exercise and exercise regularly for healthy brains

Sports and other physical exercises bring with them the great advantage that they improve the quality of your blood vessels. This optimizes the blood supply to your brain. Your brain can therefore continue to do their job better, even as you get older. By training your general body, you train your brain directly!

4. An aspirin every day

Aspirin ensures that your blood remains thin, making it easier to flow to the small blood vessels of your brain. In this way you ensure better memory and better general functioning of your brain. Also a glass of wine per day is therefore recommended for brain training. Note: this tip only relates to brain training. Of course there are also plenty of drawbacks to painkillers and alcohol, so never take aspirin without medical grounds.

5. Eat enough omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids) act as a lubricant for your veins. There are many studies that show that these fatty acids are therefore very important for your thinking ability. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fish, but you can also buy them as a supplement . In short: do not forget to pay attention to your omega 3 intake if you want to practice and optimize your brain.

6. Deal well with stress

Try to close the past and look optimistic towards the future. Take the time for yourself and keep on dreaming. This setting is good for preventing stress , and this is good for brain training and the condition of your brain.

Brain training for optimal brains – Finally

These 6 brain training tips work best of course if you start young and make it a permanent habit. So start today with brain training exercises, and you will benefit from it for the rest of your life. Remember, moreover, that you can do a lot for your brain with healthy food and the right lifestyle! In this way, for example, you prevent the veins from silting up due to proper nutrition , which in turn prevents a loss of thinking capacity. So take care of your body so that your brain can continue to take good care of you!

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